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PTC Officers 2018 -2019



PTC By-Laws

Evergreen Jr. High

Parent Teacher Committee

Constitution and By-Laws

Article I – Name

The club shall be named the "Evergreen Jr. High Parent Teacher Committee."

Article II – Objectives

1. To encourage cooperation between parents and teachers to promote the development of our students in accordance with their responsibility.

2. To gain knowledge concerning children’s common problems and possible solutions to these problems.

3. To help school personnel achieve the Terrebonne Parish School District’s goal of "every student, every day."

4. To help parents and teachers acquire a profound appreciation of the objectives of public education.

5. To promote a clearer understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers.

Article III – Membership and Dues

Section 1

Members will consist of parents, grandparents, and guardians of students of Evergreen Jr. High School and members of the staff.

Section 2

1. Any parents, grandparents, and guardians of children attending Evergreen Jr. High or staff of Evergreen Jr. High may become a member subject to concurrence with the objectives of the organization.

2. The organization shall conduct an annual enrollment of members (normally at the fall open house) but persons may join at any time during the year. Dues shall be $3.00 per person or $5.00 per couple per year.

3. The term member shall mean a family or person who has paid his/her dues.

4. The membership year shall be from August to May of the following year.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1

The elected officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, PRC Representative, and PRC Alternate. Officers and officers-elect must be in good standing with the PTC.

Section 2

Nominations for Club Officers will be made initially at the September meeting and at the May meeting for the following year. Floor nominations will be accepted at this time. Immediately following, the election will be held.

Section 3

The term of office shall be for one year.

Section 4

All persons going out of office shall provide to their successors all official materials within 10 days after the new officers are announced.

Article V – Duties of Officers

Section 1

The president shall preside at all of the meetings and appoint special committees.

Section 2

The vice-president shall act as an aide to the president and perform duties of president in the absence of that officer and shall also perform such duties that are delegated to him/her.

Section 3

The secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the organization and shall perform such duties as shall be delegated to him/her.

Section 4

The treasurer shall present a financial statement at each meeting of the organization and shall perform such duties as shall be delegated to him/her.

Section 5

Parent representative committee (P.R.C) member and/or alternate shall attend monthly meetings at the school board office and report any news to the P.T.C.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1

The organization shall hold meetings periodically throughout the school year. The times and dates of the meetings shall be determined by the officers.

Section 2

Parliamentary procedures – motions for business will be presented in an orderly manner. There must be a second for each motion. All discussions must pertain to motion only. A vote must be held on each motion before moving on. All votes will be decided by the majority vote of members present.

Article VII – Finances

Section 1

All receipts shall be deposited in the school activity account with a separate listing in the Evergreen Jr. High PTC account.

Section 2

The Evergreen Jr. High School account will be made available for inspection by P.T.C. Officers and members.

Section 3

A duplicate accounting system will be maintained by the Treasurer showing receipts and disbursements of PTC Funds within the school activities account.

Section 4

The disbursements of PTC funds within the school activity account will be done in compliance with State Law and Policies, Terrebonne Parish School Board Policies and Procedures and the PTC Constitution.

Section 5

The Evergreen Jr. High PTC President must approve disbursement of PTC Funds. PTC officers have full authority to disburse PTC Funds less than $1000.00. At the discretion of the President and Treasurer, any matter may be brought before general members for discussion and approval. Expenditures of more than $1000.00 must have approval of the general members.

Section 6

The Evergreen Jr. High PTC dues shall remain in a separate PTC account under the financial responsibility of the Principal, President, and Treasurer. The PTC dues account will be used for the following purposes:

1. Member’s supplies

2. Refreshments and door prizes for PTC meetings

3. Personal courtesies

4. The Evergreen Jr. High PTC officers must approve all other disbursements of the PTC membership account.

Article VIII – Dissolution

Section 1

The dissolution of the organization can be achieved by two-thirds vote of the members present.

Section 2

Any equipment or property acquired by this organization shall become and remain property of Evergreen Jr. High.

Article IX – Rules for Amending By-Laws

Section 1

By-laws may be amended at any general membership meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present. Notice shall be given at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Section 2

These by-laws may be reviewed and/or revised by the PTC as necessary to meet the changing needs of the school and community and brought to vote of the general membership.

Section 3

The by-laws will be revised annually.