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Positive Behavior Incentive Systems

Our Soaring Expectations For All Students

S.O.A.R. Cards

S.O.A.R. signatures are incentives for students to follow school expectations. The purpose is to promote positive interactions with students and staff members and to promote positive behavior on campus.

Students can earn signatures and collect them on their S.O.A.R. cards throughout the day for meeting school expectations in each classroom. The S.O.A.R. cards can be redeemed for privileges listed on the back of the card.

Students trade in S.O.A.R. signatures at the S.O.A.R. store in the morning before going to homeroom.  

Rewards include:

10 Signatures:

  • Request SOAR letter 
  • New Id clip

20 Signatures:

  • Cut the lunch line
  • Remove a dress code/ ID Infraction

30 Signatures:

  • Free snack @ Snack shop (Fri. only)
  • New ID

40 Signatures:

*Discount for Sporting Events/ Dance

FOR SPECIAL EVENTS: *Number of signatures will be announced during announcements. 

Our students are given the opportunity to earn rewards each week, each month, and throughout the year! For more information about student rewards, check out our weekly newsletter!!! 

  • Fall Hangout Fest
  • Intramural sports 
  • Dances with DJ Juice
  • Sporting Events after school
  • Field Day - just to name a few...

*Events can change without notification.

Students must remain in "good PBIS standing" to attend PBIS events and field trip. 

Good PBIS standing means: No office referrals, all major assignments completed, and all debts paid in the cafeteria.